over 50 years of experience 

over 50 years of quality

over 50 years of innovation 

  • ISO 9001

  • Electronic modules for emergency lighting applications wireless and wired solutions (Meterbus and DALI-systems) for emergency lighting installations

  • 30 flexible collaborators

  • 3 odd-form placement robot cells

  • 3 SMD-pick-and-place lines
    (capacity : 80'000 components per hour)

  • 65 automatic test equipments with ICSP-capability

We belong to the polynom group.

Bringing together some of the leading names in European emergency lighting, polynom is the Swiss group ensuring a strong financial backing and enabling a powerful synergy for and between the group companies.

As a forward-thinking group, polynom is dedicated to transforming a traditional industry by investing further in innovative technologies and products, keeping development, production and testing facilities close together, all focussed on customer needs and expectations.